Contemporary Cladding

Homeline, our uPVC manufacturer, proudly introduces a revolutionary Contemporary Cladding range. This collection features two innovative uPVC cladding profiles, Closed V and Lap, and a new selection of Aluminium Trims designed to enhance the system’s aesthetics.

This cladding system offers a modern twist on traditional exterior designs. It is available in sophisticated shades such as Dark Grey (RAL 7016), Slate Grey (RAL 7016), and classic White. Including aluminium trim adds a crisp, clean look to the installation and presents a contemporary alternative to traditional uPVC Shiplap and Open V Cladding options.

We have the complete Contemporary Cladding system in stock, which includes 5m Cladding Boards, an assortment of Aluminium Trims, and a comprehensive Finishing Kit to ensure flawless installation. This system is perfect for anyone seeking to infuse a modern, stylish aesthetic into their property while benefiting from the durability and ease of maintenance associated with uPVC materials.