UPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards

First4roofline.co.uk boasts the most extensive online selection of uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards, available at unbeatable prices. Our high-quality range, produced by industry leader Homeline, meets BBA & BSI standards, guaranteeing superior roofline solutions. Whether undertaking a complete Fascia overhaul or a minor update using uPVC Reveal Liners (also known as Capping Boards), you’ll find everything necessary at FasciaExpert.co.uk.

Our Fascia Boards are 5-meter lengths, accompanied by colour-coordinated Soffits, Trims, uPVC Cladding, and fixings for a polished look. These low-maintenance, easy-to-install uPVC Roofline products provide an excellent alternative to traditional wooden fascias, simplifying upkeep while enhancing your home’s exterior.

Homeline Building Products crafts every uPVC roofline product offered by FasciaExpert.co.uk and carries BBA certification. This certification assures you that our roofline systems, including our robust 16mm complete replacement or the efficient 9mm capping boards, Soffits, and Guttering, have undergone extensive testing for durability and longevity.

Extensive Variety in Colours and Designs
Our inventory boasts a wide array of uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards in diverse colours, such as White, Rosewood, Light Oak, Black, Cream, Grey, and Irish Oak. These boards can be purchased online or by calling our specialists. The White fascia boards come in Square, Ogee, or Bullnose profiles, offering flexibility to match your architectural style or personal taste.

Coordinated Colour Scheme
We provide a broad selection of Fascia and Soffit boards and everything needed for your home’s refurbishment. This includes uPVC Cladding, Trims, Fixings, and Sealants, ensuring a harmonious colour scheme across all components. Our Homeline products typically feature a subtle woodgrain effect, except our White, Dark Grey, and Slate Grey boards, which are distinguished by their smooth finish.

Assured Quality
Our uPVC Fascia and Soffit boards have a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee, reflecting our commitment to quality. The foiled Fascia and Soffit Boards have a ten-year warranty, while our Whiteboards boast an extended fifteen-year guarantee.

Installation Made Simple
Designed conveniently, our Fascia Boards include pre-marked installer fixing points and horizontal lines on the protective tape, aiding in a flawless, level installation. Detailed guides are also available, offering valuable insights for novice and experienced DIYers.

Eco-Friendly Options
Our Core recycled Fascia and Soffit Boards, manufactured by Homeline, offer an eco-friendly alternative without compromising quality or aesthetics. These products, featuring recycled uPVC cores encased in a pristine outer shell, represent the UK’s most environmentally friendly roofline solution, gaining popularity for their sustainable benefits.