uPVC Trims

First4roofline.co.uk offers an extensive assortment of uPVC door and window trims and sills, perfect for achieving polished finishes in uPVC roofline, window, and door setups. Our selection encompasses uPVC Architraves, Rectangles, D-sections, Edge Fillets, and Quadrants, available in colours such as White, Light Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Grey, and Black. Additionally, we provide Reveal Liners, also known as capping boards, along with Internal Sills to meet all your fitting needs. All uPVC Trims come in 5-meter lengths, ensuring consistency and convenience for your projects.

Explore a diverse selection of uPVC trims at First4roofline.co.uk, tailored for refining the edges around various uPVC fittings. Our inventory includes styles like D-Section, Quadrant, Flexible Angle trims, and Window Arches, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project. Available in various colours, including the sought-after Chartwell Green, Cream, White, Mahogany, Rosewood, Light Oak, Irish Oak, Grey, and Black, our trims come in various sizes to meet your specific installation needs.

Guarantees for Peace of Mind
All our uPVC Trims, crafted by Homeline, are backed by a comprehensive guarantee, affirming the quality and durability of our products.