Black uPVC Cladding

Black uPVC Cladding is rapidly becoming a favoured choice for residential and commercial properties, offering a sleek and modern finish that can rejuvenate any facade. This durable material provides an excellent, maintenance-free alternative to traditional timber cladding, capable of transforming the exterior of any building.

At Building Composites, our Black Cladding is designed to seamlessly complement Black uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories, creating a unified and sophisticated appearance. Available in both Shiplap and Open-V styles, it offers installation flexibility, allowing horizontal or diagonal alignment. Enhanced with Heat Shield technology, our Black Cladding ensures long-lasting performance and resilience against the elements. Each cladding length is standardised at 5 meters, simplifying planning and installation processes.

This cladding solution elevates the aesthetic appeal of properties and eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, providing a stylish yet practical upgrade to any building’s exterior.