Soil Pipes & Drainage

Explore an extensive selection of soil pipes and underground drainage systems at, all offered at competitive trade prices. Crafted from premium-quality uPVC, these products guarantee long-term durability and great value. Available in three versatile colours—black, White, and Grey—our soil pipes are designed to seamlessly complement the most common gutter and downpipe colours, ensuring a cohesive look for your property’s exterior drainage needs. is your go-to source for a comprehensive array of Soil and Drainage solutions ideally suited for residential and commercial plumbing undertakings. Our products are tailored to support your project needs, ensuring you can tackle any plumbing task.

Crafted by the industry giant FloPlast, our Soil Pipes and Drainage systems stand out for their superior quality and come with extensive manufacturer guarantees. This combination ensures you’re investing in a plumbing solution built to last.

Moreover, the convenience of installation is a hallmark of our offerings. Thanks to the user-friendly push-fit system prevalent across our plumbing range, attaching to access bends, air admittance valves, and reducers is straightforward and secure. This feature is particularly beneficial, offering peace of mind that your plumbing infrastructure is reliable and robust.