Green uPVC Fascias and Soffits

At Building Composites, we offer an extensive selection of Green uPVC fascias, soffits, joints, and corners, all at unbeatable prices. Our green fascias, designed with a square profile, are shielded by Homeline’s cutting-edge Heat Shield technology, ensuring they remain unaffected by thermal expansion, twisting, or any form of displacement due to heat. This technology guarantees the longevity and maintenance of the vibrant green colour without any degradation over time.

Every product in our Homeline Green range is accompanied by a robust 10-year guarantee, ensuring durability and quality. Moreover, these products meet the rigorous standards set by the BBA & BSI, ensuring they’re a safe and reliable choice for your home. Importantly, our green uPVC options are eco-friendly, free from harmful lead and tin, aligning with modern environmental and health standards.

Opting for our green fascias and soffits means selecting a product that combines aesthetic appeal with resilience and a solution backed by significant guarantees and certifications. This choice represents a commitment to the appearance and integrity of your property’s exterior.