Overview of Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge


The Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge system provides a modern and efficient method for finishing the edges of roof tiles at the gable ends of buildings. This product is part of the dry verge category in the construction industry, which replaces traditional mortar with mechanical fixing to secure tiles. The grey variant of the Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge is especially appealing for its sleek, contemporary look that complements both modern and traditional architectural styles.

Design and Composition

Manufactured from high-quality, durable polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), the Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including UV radiation, rain, and extreme temperatures. This durability ensures the verge maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time. The system consists of individual verge units that neatly clip onto the edges of roof tiles, providing a robust and reliable hold that eliminates the need for mortar, thus promoting a cleaner and more uniform appearance along the roofline.

Universal Fitting

One of the standout features of the Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge is its universal fitting capability. This system is engineered to be compatible with various tile profiles, accommodating both large and small tile sizes. This adaptability is achieved through an innovative clipping mechanism that can adjust to different tile shapes, making it a versatile choice for diverse roofing projects, from new constructions to renovations.

Installation Benefits

The installation process for the Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge is straightforward and significantly faster than traditional methods that use mortar. The components are designed to interlock seamlessly, simplifying installation and reducing labour costs. The absence of mortar speeds up the installation and minimises future maintenance needs. Mortar-free installations avoid issues like cracking and erosion commonly associated with mortar under environmental stress.

Environmental Considerations and Aesthetic Appeal

The UPVC material used in the Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge is often recyclable, contributing to reduced construction waste and promoting environmental sustainability. The grey colour offers a subtle yet modern aesthetic that can enhance the exterior of any building, providing a visually pleasing contrast that suits various styles and finishes.


The Grey Easy-Trim Universal Dry Verge system offers a robust, stylish, and practical solution for securing roof tiles at the gable ends. It streamlines the installation process, cuts down on maintenance, and provides a durable barrier against the elements. With its universal design and attractive grey finish, it is an ideal choice for builders and homeowners looking for an effective way to enhance the functionality and appearance of their roofs.