White Contemporary Cladding

Homeline’s White Contemporary Cladding System introduces a sleek, modern aesthetic to new construction and renovation projects. This system features two distinct cladding profiles—Closed V and Lap—enhanced by three types of Aluminium trim and a comprehensive finishing kit. A smooth, non-foiled finish characterises the design of the uPVC boards, while the Aluminium Trims are meticulously powder-coated to ensure a seamless colour match.

Ideal for various applications, the Lap Cladding is designed for horizontal installation. In contrast, the Closed V profile offers the flexibility of being mounted horizontally and vertically, allowing for creative freedom in design. This versatility makes the Contemporary Cladding system a fitting choice for those looking to impart a modern, polished look to their property’s exterior.

Crafted by Homeline, a trusted name in the industry, the White Contemporary Cladding system is aesthetically pleasing but also durable and reliable, backed by a 15-year guarantee and BSI certification. This system represents a fusion of contemporary style and long-lasting performance, ensuring that your property stands out while remaining timeless.