Slate Grey Contemporary Cladding

Introducing our latest innovation in exterior design, the Slate Grey Contemporary Cladding system, brought to you by Homeline. This system sets itself apart with its sleek powder-coated aluminium trims, providing a crisp, modern edge that distinguishes it from traditional uPVC cladding options.

Available in the subtle and sophisticated shade of Slate Grey (RAL 7015), our cladding boards come in two distinct styles: Closed V and Lap. Each style boasts a smooth, foiled finish for an added touch of elegance and is available in convenient 5-meter lengths. A solid 10-year guarantee backs the Slate Grey Cladding system to ensure your confidence in their durability and quality.

We are fully stocked with the entire range, including Cladding, Trims, and Finishing Kits, and we are ready for immediate dispatch. Elevate the exterior of your property by choosing the Slate Grey Contemporary Cladding system from, where modern aesthetics meet quality craftsmanship.