Dark Grey Contemporary Cladding

The Dark Grey Contemporary Cladding collection, crafted by Homeline, presents a distinctive and stylish alternative to traditional uPVC cladding options. This sophisticated range features dark grey cladding boards from high-quality uPVC paired with powder-coated aluminium trims for a seamless colour match.

Designed for strength and durability, the Aluminium Trims add a sleek, modern finish to the exterior. The cladding boards are 5 meters long, with the lap cladding offering a coverage width of 167mm and the closed V profile coverage of 110mm, catering to diverse design preferences and project requirements.

This innovative cladding system is aesthetically appealing and comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for your renovation or new build project. Its unique appeal and high-quality materials make the Dark Grey Contemporary Cladding a preferred choice for those seeking to enhance their property with a modern, durable exterior finish.